Sioux City Roller Dames

Welcome!! We are in the midst of our 2014 season - our 6th season in Sioux City!

Please check out our schedule and join us for a bout!

We LOVE to hear from our fans!

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We'd love to see you in your costumed glory at our fan appreciation bout on October 25th at Long Lines!

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That's right, folks. Not only do we like to skate, but we also write!

Upcoming Events

October 25

Fan Appreciation Bout!
7 PM Join us for a fun and wild night of women versus men!


For all our records, scores, and opponents go to Flat Track Stats.

9/20/14 Sioux City 413, Mississippi Valley 33

9/20/14 Quad City Rollers, 169 Sioux City 111

9/14/14 Sioux City 348, Black Hills RDL 30

6/28/14 Sioux City 124, NCDG Road Warriors 76

5/11/14 Sioux City 181, Ark Valley 117

5/11/14 Slaughterhouse 129, Sioux City 128